Calling All Tenants... Share Your Stories with the City Council

Please join the City Council Housing and Buildings Committee as it holds a hearing on a sweeping package of legislation to fight back against abusive landlords harassing rent-regulated tenants. 

At a time when housing costs are soaring, we need to do everything possible to preserve the one million rent-stabilized apartments in our City, and to make that happen we need laws that protect tenants. The legislation being heard aims to increase transparency for tenants while ensuring they are not being overcharged for their homes. It would also help prevent landlords from illegally removing units from stabilization while making it easier for the City to enforce existing laws that protect and preserve stabilized units.

Included in the new legislative package is Council Member Levine' bill, Intro 1274, that would require landlords of rent stabilized units to provide tenants with four years of rental history.

Have you had a bad experience with a landlord? This is your chance to testify on how the Council can improve housing laws to help tenants. We hope to see you there! 

December 13, 2018 at 10:00am - 2pm
New York City Hall

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