Interactive Map Tracks NYC Evictions & The Landlords Who File For Them

By Elizabeth Kim

A collaboration between a group of housing rights advocates has produced the most comprehensive database yet to measure evictions across New York City and identify many of the landlords responsible for them.

Three advocacy groups — Right to Counsel NYC Coalition,, and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project — on Monday launched a website,, that incorporates newly analyzed and vetted public data as well as knowledge from tenant organizers. Users can zoom in to get a block-by-block picture of where city marshals are carrying out evictions and also, in many cases, learn who the associated landlords are. Users can also elect to map evictions by landlord.

This is by no means the first interactive eviction map:, one of the groups behind the new map, launched a mapping tool in 2017 that drew on eviction lawsuit filings. Less than 10 percent of eviction filings result in actual evictions, often because tenants choose to move out before city marshals show up.

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