And the Participatory Budgeting Winners Are…

Two local council members have announced the projects that won financing through participatory budgeting, a community-driven process to allocate $1 million in taxpayer money for each council district.

For Council Member Helen Rosenthal, who represents much of the Upper West Side south of 96th Street, the winning projects included school improvements, waste management and tree planting.

  • Technology Upgrade for 4 U.W.S. Schools (2,852 votes) Purchase of needed technology — computers, smart boards, and other equipment — for P.S. 199, P.S. 84, M.S. 245/The Computer School, and P.S. 87. Cost: $400,000 (each school will receive $100,000)
  • Bathroom Upgrades at 2 U.W.S. Elementary Schools (2,530 votes) Upgrades to four bathrooms in P.S. 452 and P.S. 199 that are in serious disrepair and no longer fully usable by students. Cost: $400,000
  • New Waste Management System for NYCHA Buildings (2,266 votes) Purchase of compactors and rat proof garbage bins for NYCHA buildings in the northern part of District 6. Cost: $150,000
  • Neighborhood Tree Planting and Tree Guards (2,072 votes) Planting of new trees and installation of tree guards in eligible areas throughout District 6. Cost: $110,000

Council Member Mark Levine, who represents parts of the UWS, Morningside Heights and Washington Heights, also listed the winners in his district.

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