Demand the MTA do better for Northern Manhattan

Dear MTA Chair Lhota:

As members of the Northern Manhattan Community, we are deeply dismayed that the major capital work being done through the Enhanced Station Initiative at the 72nd, 86th and 110th street B/C stations--and the recently closed C station at 163rd Street--will not include any improvements to station accessibility for the elderly or disabled. Moreover, we are disappointed the MTA has not implemented any temporary solutions to ease the burden of station closures on our community, including shuttle buses and increased M10 bus service. 

110_Street_entrance_vc.jpgWhile the renovations as planned, will bring welcome improvements to tiling, lighting, digital displays and more, they will not make any improvement to access--failing to add elevators to notoriously inaccessible stations. The work will not even open up existing long-closed stairways and entrances--a particularly galling situation at 110th St., where three closed entrances and four closed street staircases have resulted in extreme overcrowding during rush hour.

To this end, we the undersigned are demanding that the MTA take the following actions in the coming months as the work is being done:

  • Commit to regular updates on the status of the renovations by reporting to our local Community Boards each month;
  • Implement temporary shuttle buses along the affected subway routes and increased bus service along the M10 bus line; and
  • Create a strategy for achieving 100% accessibility at subway stations undergoing renovations, including a plan for sped up accessibility progress that is reflected in the next capital program and beyond.



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