BYOC: Council bill would let New Yorkers bring their own cups to stores and coffee shops

By Will Bredderman

Councilman Mark Levine wants to see more muggings—but only in bodegas, corner stores and coffee houses.

Levine introduced a bill Wednesday to create a "right to reuse," obligating every storefront java hawker in the city to post a sign informing customers that they can use their own cup. This, the Upper Manhattan councilman asserted, would encourage caffeine fiends citywide to bring their own mugs from home, reducing the number of disposable containers littering city streets and decomposing in landfills.

"Many coffee shops have policies that don't allow environmentally conscious consumers to get their own reusable containers filled up," Levine said in a press release. "This bill is a simple, cost-saving solution, that will empower New Yorkers to reduce their carbon footprint."

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