Council Member Levine Statement on Waived Licensing Fees for Struggling Taxi Drivers

**RELEASE** October 29, 2018

CONTACT: Jake Sporn // 516-946-5253 // [email protected]


City Hall, NY – Ahead of the October 31st Taxi Licensing Fee payment deadline, City Council Member Mark Levine has issued the following statement:

“Independent owner-drivers who played by the rules set by the City are now enduring extraordinary financial hardships through absolutely no fault of their own. After having bought an asset because they had a guarantee from the City about its underlying value, our city has failed these small business owners.Both the financial and human toll brought on by this crisis cannot be overstated.

For us to better understand the depths of this crisis and ways to address it, I have introduced legislation, Int. 1069, which will require the TLC to study ways to ease the financial hardship of these hardworking, overwhelmingly immigrant drivers.

As I have stated before, the app-based taxi corporations should be the ones to shoulder the financial burden of providing financial relief to the independent medallion owner-drivers who are suffering.  

While the legislative process moves forward—and as the Council continues to look for lasting solutions to help New York’s taxi community—I’m thrilled the TLC has answered my call to waive the required annual medallion renewal and inspection fees, which force payments two years in advance and cost up to $1,650 per medallion. For many, that is the difference between paying the rent and putting food on the table.”


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