Councilman Mark Levine on the Street Vending Modernization Act

TFS.gifNew York City has a population of 8.4 million people, 24,000 eating establishments with 8,000 of them being restaurants, and these numbers are always growing. But there is one type of vendor that doesn’t get the freedom to grow. NYC has had street vendors since the birth of this city and has capped the amount of vendors for the past 36 years.

Now with the Street Vending Modernization Act the wheels are in motion to bring street vending to the 21st century and end this restrictive cap on something so popular. “In an age of relentless gentrification street vendors have become the ultimate Mom and Pop,” said Manhattan Councilman Mark Levine. Total Food Service had the pleasure of chatting with Councilman Levine to discuss this act and what it is going to mean for street vendors.

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