Fewer plastic bags in New York City


New York – Councilmember Levine is joining with organizations, business and legislators from across the city with the goal of reducing the environmental and financial toll plastic carry-out bags have on this city, by enacting a 10 cent fee on every carry-out bag used in the city. Every year approximately 5.2 billion plastic carry-out bags are used by New Yorkers, majority of which are not recycled properly and often become debris, even if disposed of properly. The city pays an estimated $10 million dollars for transporting plastic bags to landfills in other states.

If you’re interested in joining the campaign, or making an impact right now, head over to Bagitnyc.org to find out about events and other planned activities related to the cause. You can reduce the cost by not opting for plastic bags by bringing your own reusable bag or opting for a more environmentally friendly paper bag.

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