Gothamist: East 14th Street Is Getting A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

By Rebecca Fishbein

August 1, 2015

The NY State Department of Health announced that NYC was getting four medical marijuana dispensaries, with two operating in Manhattan and another two located in the Bronx and Queens. Turns out one of these dispensaries will be located on East 14th Street, —but one elected official is urging the companies permitted to run these dispensaries to open one uptown...

City Council Member Mark Levine issued a statement urging Columbia Care and Bloomfield Industries to open at least one dispensary in Northern Manhattan. "Thousands of chronically ill patients here deserve access to this important new medical option, but many will be unable to travel long distances to a dispensary," he said. "The need for accessibility is even stronger among the communities of color which I represent, where rates of diseases like HIV/AIDS and Parkinson’s are higher than in the general population."

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