Health & Wellness Fair

On Sunday, June 14 at Riverbank State Park, my office hosted our Annual Health & Wellness Fair to connect residents of District 7 with important physical and mental health resources. Thanks to the incredible turnout, as well as the tremendous support of our vendors, we are delighted to say that the event was a huge success.



Along with the Department of Transportation, we were able to distribute 675 helmets to community members, and had dozens of activities ranging from CPR training, to Zumba dancing, and painting. We appreciate all those who attended or donated their time, food and services. We are also extremely grateful to the groups whose creative performances entertained the crowd and kept the event lively!Our office was able to connect our constituents to vital health resources, and those those who came were able to receive materials to better educate themselves and their families about wellness programs available to them.


During the fair, our office also held our first Participatory Budgeting (PB) Assembly. PB gives the power to District 7 residents to determine how to allocate $1 million of discretionary capital funds. These funds are integral to the continued improvement of our community and we hope that you take part, as some of you did on Sunday, by attending future assemblies, or volunteering to be leaders and recruiters to, so that your voice will play a meaningful role in how your tax dollars are spent.



As always, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 212-928-6814 or visit us 500 West 141st Street with any questions and concerns. In the meantime, expect to hear from us with community updates and information about how you can get involved in your neighborhood!





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