Low-Income Housing Court Tenants to Get Free Lawyers

DNAInfo.pngBy Jeff Mays

NEW YORK CITY—Tenants facing eviction will receive free access to legal services as part of a $93 million initiative, city officials announced this week.

...Mark-Viverito gave Levine credit for relentlessly pushing the legislation for the last three years. Jonathan Lippman, former chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals, called the planned legislation "a landmark in the battle for equal justice."

Levine said the legislation and funding mean that low-income New Yorkers won't "have to face the life-altering threat of an eviction alone" any longer. The proposed legislation already has the support of the overwhelming majority of the city council.

"It's been an incredibly unequal playing field in court where one person has an attorney and another doesn't," said Levine. "Over time this will save us a considerable amount money, not to mention the human benefit of allowing families to stay in their homes."

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