Mayor Bill de Blasio signed 20 percent of laws passed by council in 2018

By Sarina Trangle

The pen has lost some of its might at City Hall, at least when it comes to legislating.

Last year, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed 20 percent of the laws added to the city's books. The bulk of measures — roughly 80 percent — matured into law 30 days after the City Council sent the bills to the administration because the mayor declined to sign or veto them. 

That is significantly less scrawling from a man who, in 2016, signed 97 percent of new laws and in 2017 put his pen to paper on 61 percent, according to amNewYork's analysis of the council's legislative database, Legistar. 

Both the mayor's office and Council Speaker Corey Johnson's staff have shrugged off de Blasio's relatively rested right hand, with de Blasio's team saying there is no correlation between his level of commitment to the matter at hand and his decision to schedule a bill signing. 

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