New Bill Aims to ‘Drain the Swamp’ of Cost and Time Overruns at the Parks Department

Observer.pngBy Will Bredderman

The City Council will soon weigh a measure that would require Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Department of Parks and Recreations to regularly report to the local Council member when a project in their district is running late or over budget—and if the contractor the agency has chosen has ever fallen short in past work for the city.

...Manhattan Councilman Mark Levine, chairman of the Committee on Parks, and Brooklyn Councilman Mark Treyger will co-sponsor the reporting bill. Levine echoed Torres’s exasperation with the department, claiming at least half the developments in greenspaces across his district have watched their budgets and calendars bloat uncontrollably.

“You can’t do anything in a park at this point for less than a million dollars, and even modest projects are multi-million dollar projects,” Levine told the Observer over the phone. “Most of the time, there is a cost overrun that we have to deal with. And it can threaten to kill a project.”

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