New York City May Double Number of Food Vendor Permits

NYTimes.pngBy Samantha Schmidt

...There is a limit on the number of food carts and trucks allowed on the city’s streets, and even those who have managed to secure a permit — often on the black resale market — have found that the cost and difficulty of doing business can outweigh the benefits.

With that in mind, the City Council intends to consider legislation that would gradually double the number of food vendor permits issued over the course of seven years, making it possible for 600 more street vendors to begin legally selling food each year.

...“In an era of relentless gentrification, street vendors are the ultimate mom and pops,” said Councilman Mark Levine, a Democrat who is sponsoring the core bills in the package being introduced at a Council meeting on Thursday. “It’s been a path to entrepreneurship as long as this city has existed,” Mr. Levine, who represents much of Harlem, added.

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