NEWSLETTER: Big Win for Families of PS 163


Dear Friend --

For the past two years, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with the parents of PS 163against the construction of a 20-story tower being constructed next to their children’s school. Yesterday, a court confirmed what we've been saying all along: the prospect of a multi-year construction project footsteps from classrooms poses a threat to students. According to the judge's ruling, the developer and the Department of Health will be required to take another hard look at the adverse impact on students of the noise and hazardous materials stemming from the construction.

While the legal challenge has played out, we have also been fighting in the legislative arena to protect not just PS 163, but all students in our city facing the threat of nearby construction noise reverberating through their classrooms. My bill, Intro 420, would place strict limits on the noise impact on students in their classrooms. The bill is quickly picking up momentum and has garnered 25 co-sponsors in the City Council.

This ruling marks a victory in the push to protect the students of PS 163. I am grateful for the tireless work of the parents of PS 163 and the surrounding community as our fight continues.




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