North Brother Island May Someday Open to the Public

CurbedNY.jpgBy Emily Nonko

Good news for those New Yorkers obsessed with the city’s lesser-known reaches: it may become a lot easier—and actually legal—to take a trip to North Brother Island. This 20-acre island, off the Bronx in the East River, opened in the 1880s as a quarantine site famously known for housing Typhoid Mary. The city shuttled away sick people across the East River until after World War II, when the buildings housed veterans.

...There are some City Council members, including Mark Levine and Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverto, that are proposing a way to take legal trips. Levine, chairman of the Parks Committee, first floated the idea back in 2014. The Parks Department has commissioning a study by the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design to help find ways to make the island more accessible. According to Levine, it wouldn’t look like "the next Governor’s Island"—rather, there would be opportunities for students, explorers and NYC history buffs to visit in person. As Levine told New York, "It’s not the same to look at pictures, you have to walk on the island to feel the enchantment."
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