NY Post OpEd: How New York City Can Win the Food Cart War

NY-Post.pngBy Nicole Gelinas

The City Council has advanced a bill to more than double the number of food vendors in New York from the current 3,100.

...The current bill, sponsored by northern Manhattan Councilman Mark Levine, would direct the city to award 635 new permits a year over seven years (35 each year would be for veterans). It already has the support of a quarter of the council.

What’s good about this? Better food options: People line up in Midtown to get food they can’t get at boring salad chains.

And it’s good for vendors who can’t get permits. Right now, they have to work for people who secured the permits years ago, often paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for the privilege (similar to how taxi drivers pay medallion owners to drive their cabs). The bill would favor workers already on a waiting list.

Read the Full OpEd Here

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