Pix11: ‘We’re so far behind from where we need to be’: NYC health committee chair talks vaccine rollout

by: Betty NguyenNicole O'Neal of Pix11

NEW YORK — As the mayor calls for one million vaccinations by the end of January, lawmakers across New York City are calling for a quicker vaccine rollout.

NYC Council Member and Chair of the Committee on Health Mark Levine discussed what needs to be done for quicker vaccine distribution.

“We’re so far behind from where we need to be,” Levine told PIX11 Morning News.

Vaccines should be distributed beyond hospitals, including community centers and houses of worship, and it needs to be done around the clock rather than just within business hours, according to Levine.

“We need to deploy people all over the city” in order for a 24/7 operation to succeed, he added.

The health committee chair also posted a poll on Twitter asking people if they would be willing to go to a vaccination site at 1 a.m. According to the poll, nearly 92% of people said they would, with others even saying they would volunteer at the sites during those hours.

Levine agreed with the mayor’s calls for keeping vaccine sites open 24 hours to get to the goal of vaccinating one million New Yorkers by the end of the month.

He also said rules on the vaccinations should be more lenient. For instance, if there are extra doses available, a vulnerable New Yorker over the age of 75 should be able to take the vaccine rather than have it thrown out.

“We really have to accelerate at every front” as no one wants to see the pandemic dragging on to 2022.


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