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TO: Savanna Real Estate Fund

We, the undersigned, call on Savanna to respect the scale and context of the surrounding Morningside Heights community in its design for the tower it is building adjacent to the Jewish Theological Seminary on W. 122nd St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.

Morningside Heights is more than just the site of major educational institutions. For the thousands of local residents who live, work, study, play, worship, and shop here, this neighborhood is our home.

Savanna’s acquisition of 250,000 sq. ft. of development rights would potentially allow for the creation of a skyscraper measuring nearly 40 stories.  Such a behemoth would cast massive shadows over large areas of a neighborhood where light, air, and green space are cherished. A building of this scale would also severely burden local infrastructure, in a place where subways, buses, streets, libraries, and schools are already overcrowded.  

The distinct architectural heritage of Morningside Heights is one of our most precious assets. A new building wildly out of scale and context with the neighborhood will irrevocably detract from this legacy.

We also urge you to include affordable apartments in the building, and to guarantee that construction jobs will pay decent wages and will be accessible to Northern Manhattan residents.  

We urge you to do the right thing and create a building which is consistent with the scale, history, and values of the Morningside Heights community.


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