Some local patients pay 10 times more than others for a common blood test

By Jonathan Lamantia

Patients in the metro area can pay as little as $20 for a comprehensive metabolic panel, one of the most common blood tests, at one facility and as much as $200 at another. That's the finding of an analysis of commercial health insurance data released Tuesday by the Health Care Cost Institute.

The choice of hospital where a woman gives birth could cause the price to almost double, according to data provided to Crain's by HCCI. In the New York–Newark–Jersey City region, a provider on the low end of the spectrum received $9,415, and a more expensive hospital got $18,595 in 2016. Those prices reflect costs at the 10th percentile and the 90th percentile, meaning the first is more expensive than 10% of all claims, and the higher number is more expensive than 90% of all claims. The median price was $13,830.

The same was true for a vaginal delivery, with prices ranging from $6,910 at the 10th percentile and $14,177 at the 90th percentile, with a $9,875 median price in 2016.

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