US Sees Largest Protests Calling for $15 Minimum Wage: Hundreds arrested after "Fight for $15" Rallies Take Place in Cities and at Some Airports Across the United States

AlJazeera.pngBy Ryan Riftai

Hundreds of people, including a number of officials, have been arrested across the United States for taking part in protests calling for a higher national minimum wage and more labour union rights, organisers say.

...Mark Levine, a city council member who was one of the detained officials, said in a statement made prior to his arrest: "Fast food employees and taxi drivers deserve far better wages and opportunities than they currently have."

"Civil disobedience demonstrations such as this have a storied and successful past in the history of labour's advancement in America," he was quoted as saying in an email sent to Al Jazeera.

"That is why I am proud to stand today and risk arrest with hundreds of dedicated 32BJ members, because we have an obligation to set the highest standards for all workers. The Fight for 15 is a cause worth fighting for. It's a cause worth getting arrested for," Levine said.

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