UWS residents protest subway station closures

Pix_11.pngBy Andrew Ramos

NEW YORK — Renee Harrison is one of the many fuming over the closure of the 110th Street—Cathedral Parkway subway station in Harlem on Monday.

The reason for the closure was due to long-over due renovations.

“You wouldn’t do this on Wall Street, you wouldn’t do this in midtown why are you doing this and dumping this garbage on the residents of Harlem,” Harrison told PIX11, referring to the shuttered station.

The problem according to officials and residents, the MTA did not do enough to warn them about it.

“While the broad outline of this program was announced in the press the date of the closure of this station and others were not,” councilman Mark Levine said at a rally Monday.

Thousands of straphangers will be affected by the closure which is just the first of three happening along the B/C lines on the west side.

The 86th Street station will close on June 4 while the 72nd Street station shuts down on May 7.

It’s all part of the MTA’s enhanced station initiative.

While renovations are widely welcomed to the dilapidated station, straphangers like Yesenia Torres who is disabled say there was little to no outreach on accessibility concerns where pleas for an elevator in the 110th Street station were ignored.

“There are elders, people in canes and mothers with strollers,” Torres said. “It’s just not one group – it's just not us its for everybody and they’re not including everybody.”

An MTA spokesperson maintains that accessibility is one of the agency’s top priorities, telling PIX11 that it is focused on tackling “the challenge of making more of the system accessible as quickly as possible.”

The subway station closures along the west side are expected to last through the fall.

The MTA encourages affected straphangers to find alternate routes on their website, www.mta.info.

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